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003 • action / voice | backdated to a more morning 1/09

[ It's a strange sort of thing, being kidnapped from within the boundaries of already being kidnapped. Well, Usopp says strange, of course, and actually means pretty terrifying and unexpected.

He doesn't remember much of it, though. There's the terror of the unknown to consider in that- what might they have done, what if something's wrong, what if- what if they fed his blood to vampire? What if he's a vampire-- no, wait, he's in the sun, he thinks that's a good sign. But as much as Usopp fears the unknown, he doesn't particularly think he minds not knowing, either. And Luceti in general is still really horrifying to consider, but he can't say he minds being back in the village proper with most everybody else. Rustic little villages are a second home to him. Second, since the ocean obviously became his first home when he set sail.

It's a coward's privilege to think that way. Or, uh. All of those ways.

Usopp marks his return just behind the Flame Building (or the artist formerly known as CH 1), which he counts as a victory all on its own. If nothing else, he would just really like to make himself view it that way, so he'll keep on that track. His only burdens are his amazing manly pride, and… a sizable pile of shoes. Like at least 8 pairs. One of these pairs he recognizes immediately as his own boots (and they're so much more worn out, how does that happen). Another number of pairs are just his size in general. And then there are ones that definitely don't belong to him on a closer investigation- some distinctly for ladies, some classy-looking black dress shoes, and, oddly enough, a little metal ring that he can't place at all.

Jeez, what's the deal with these Malnosso guys.

He can be found making his way around to the front entrance of the Flame Building, and then on the first floor trying to coordinate… opening his apartment door. (Timelines are for the weak, obviously, so if multiple takers are a thing it's cool.) Usopp figures he can probably give most of these to the store or something tomorrow, but today his plans are just dumping them in the middle of his main room and going to sleep.

Which he does. Responsible adult, he is one.

A few hours later, he brings you a proud voice post, in which he acts like nothing's been going on at all, and he is totally not freaked out even in a mild capacity, because he's a cool guy. Wow listen to that suaveness. ]

Hey, Luceti. This is Captain Usopp speaking! [ Totally not trying to draw Luffy or Nami or anyone out of the woodwork. ] And I finally realized something that I haven't taken advantage of here yet! You guys need to start telling me the best stories that you've ever told. And to talk about the greatest things that you've ever done. Only the greatest, okay? Whatever that is for you, even if it doesn't seem like it's that great! It probably actually is and you just don't realize it yet.

I mean, there are so many of us in this place, it's pretty unfair for you guys to be holding back like that. [ This much, he asks of you in a half-pleading, half-laughing kind of way. Rude much, people. How did he not realize sooner? ] And I've got some pretty amazing stories myself, as a weathered man of the sea and all, so we could even trade them if you want.

It'll be really fun, I promise!

[ He just really wants to talk to people, that's his life. ]
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Are your stories going to be fake again?
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[it's okay she's used to BRATTY MANCHILDREN]

Yeah, but it's the same thing with you, isn't it?
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[she does like fishies]

Alright. Let's hear it.

[there's the sound of a chair creaking as she leans back in one, propping the journal in her lap.]
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[Right when he says he's seven and sailing seas on his own Kushina knows this is one of THOSE STORIES HE HAS.]

I don't want to hear about goldfish poop, you weirdo.
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[She'll have to talk to the fish in the lake to see if they actually have that kind of voice. But by now, she's pretty invested in the story even if it was fake.]

What was the disease?
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[That sort of disease. This story is really getting to her now. Now it's personal.]

I'm sure the fish was really grateful to you. You really helped her-- um, he, I mean. Unless it was a girl fish.
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Yeah, yeah I know. But if you're going to tell a story about something like that, you should at least ask if they were boy or a girl. It talked to you, couldn't you tell?
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[I mean Kushina was obviously a girl so she didn't have that problem when she was rescued despite her boyish personality.]

Yeah, but is it more rude to ask if they're a boy or girl or to tell the story and not even know the difference!

[Let's not fight about fish gender.]

Did you even ask for a name?